Vietnam Electronics Supplier Search

Project Type: Manufacturing/Outsourcing
Client: A major US EMS
Project Commencement Date: Q4/2019
Project Completion Date: Ongoing

Customer was looking to diversifyi it’s China sourced products to a new manufacturing country. Vietnam was the primary candidate but they didn’t have any detailed information of the supply base in electronics.

To asses their opportunity, they turned to FinnSEA for a comprehensive analyze of the electronics supply chain and operators in Vietnam, including PCB assembly, wire harnesses and supporting industry


  • To define customers outsourcing opportunities in Vietnam
    • Identify suppliers and the business environment in Vietnam (Value Chain) within
      • EMS service providers
      • Cable & Harness manufacturing service providers
    • To describe the
      • Value Chain, raw materials supply, business culture
      • Customs and financial procedures
      • Logistics overview to the USA
      • Other assignment-related information found during the process


Electronics sector can be considered new in Vietnam, developed during last 10-15 years. Principal drivers have been Samsung and Nokia (later Foxconn) factories producing in high volumes of mobile phones.

Many of the EMS companies have been proprietary manufacturing units for their foreign principal, therefore not available for outsourcing for other companies.


  • Screening
    • Potential Vietnamese companies listed
    • Contacting with a benchmarking questioner
      • 85 commercial and technical questions
    • Reporting to Customer to exclude possible competition
      • Preparing Supplier Criteria with Customer for shortlisting best candidates
    • Evaluation and Factory Audits
      • Based on Supplier Criteria, selecting suppliers for deep interviews and premises audit
    • FinnSEA Nordesk OÜ visited shortlisted companies in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi
      • Analysis of findings and benchmarking
    • Reporting workshop with Customer, selecting suppliers