Interim Management


If you have decided to set up a company or representative office, you need a General Manager for registration and ramp-up of the operation. Finding it quickly might be a challenge and/or lead to disastrous recruitment.

We are here, we understand the operative environment and how to proceed.
Even the simplest issue needs a signature from GM/CEO and copies are not accepted neither electronic signatures exist.

We propose you a turn-key solution, acting on your behalf as GM, run your set-up and ramp-up phases, take care of the first staff hiring, set-up your bookkeeping, banks, telecommunication, office etc. and run the daily operations.

Once all is set up and running, we will help you to recruit your new local General Manager and support him to make the swift over as smooth as possible.

Our interim management package helps you enter the Vietnamese market smoothly.

Benefits to You:

  • Get quickly on the process, we are here, and you don’t need to go through the recruitment process or send expat to Vietnam. You will save several months of time and money.
  • No HR risk, control your costs with one bill a month.
  • Fixed term contract, predictability and limited cost if project cancelled or delayed.

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Together these guys and a lady form a team with long-term expertise and wide-ranging knowledge as well as agile solution capability. They are hands-on and same time innovative. And what’s essential for us – each of them has a big heart.

A picture of Valuehamerers team
Tanja Harjuniemi and Markku Nummela
Co-founders , Valuehammerers Ltd
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