Sourcing and outsourcing to Vietnam


Vietnam presents an important possibility for low cost manufacturing and sourcing. While East China has slowly lost it competitiveness due increasing labour cost and has become more and more high volume, low mix manufacturing country, Vietnam still offer the flexibility of low volume, high mix production and competitive overall cost level.

If you need to find good sourcing, subcontracting suppliers, independently of your industry, the fastest way is to contact FinnSEA and based on your needs, we will activate our network, do the footwork, interview the Partner candidates, benchmark the best ones and report.

Finally, we will arrange your meeting schedule and our local consultant will support you during the meetings, this guarantees that you will spend your visit time efficiently with qualified contacts.

Right balance between price and quality is essential for successful sourcing in Vietnam

Benefits to Your business:

  • Save time and effort, let us to support you to find the best solution. We are the Vietnam expert and You know your business. Together we make a winning Team.
  • We act on your behalf and making sure that all goes as planned from the beginning up to the shipment.
  • As a third-party consultant, we do not have family or relative’s ties, nor other commercial interests which would lead us to biased information and not selecting the best choice for You.
  • Don’t lose your time searching through numerous incomplete websites and traders, through our network and previous expert, we quickly find you the best candidates.

Benefits to Your business:

Together these guys and a lady form a team with long-term expertise and wide-ranging knowledge as well as agile solution capability. They are hands-on and same time innovative. And what’s essential for us – each of them has a big heart.

A picture of Valuehamerers team
Tanja Harjuniemi and Markku Nummela
Co-founders , Valuehammerers Ltd
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