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  • Manufacturing
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With over 35 years of international business experience, Pietro Karjalainen has built a successful career as a Management Consultant specializing in market entry, sales-channel development and outsourcing.

Years of acquired expertise and local knowledge have bestowed Pietro with a set of skills and personal networks which allow him to solve the common pain-points of organizations entering foreign markets. And having worked in the B2B and B2C sectors, as well as for both for-profit and
non-profit organizations across Europe and Asia, he’s helped hundreds of foreign ventures expand overseas.

Originally from Finland and having lived 16 years in France, Pietro is based in Vietnam where he’s a Board Member of the Nordic Chamber of Commerce. He was once a Trade Councilor at Finnish Embassy in Vietnam too. These positions helped him gain rare insight and a unique understanding of how to work with the private sector and local government in order to facilitate business and navigate their complex regulations.

His expertise though, remains the area of international business and, in particular, the world of business development. His success in these fields is due, in part, to having worked a number of years in sales, marketing and product management himself.

However, since 2007, Pietro has concentrated on working alongside clients to develop and implement personalized market entry and sales channel strategies and procedures; firstly, in France and Vietnam through the trade organization Finpro. And secondly, since 2014, working from his offices in Ho Chi Minh as an entrepreneur in the Asian markets.

Knowledge acquired during his career has bestowed Pietro with a set of interpersonal skills perfectly suited to building networks and creating long-lasting business relationships. What’s more, it’s helped him become an expert at devising market entry plans for Western ventures hoping to capitalize on foreign markets and leading them through the process to success.

Pietro’s proficiency and vast experience has led to him working for a range of blue-chip clients such as Nokia, Metso, Valmet, Stora and Fortum, as well as many SMEs and start-ups. He has supported industrial sales teams and coordinated projects between virtual teams too.

This has left him with an in-depth understanding of different skillsets, customer pain points, operations and business models; all of which are extremely useful in his main role of business development and for those seeking global expansion.

Importantly for those wanting to enter South East Asia, Pietro’s time in Vietnam means he’s been able to grow and nurture networks over several years. He understands how to bridge cultural divides and has learned the dos and don’ts of conducting business in this part of the world.

From factories to government officials, his strong local networks can quickly open doors. He also remains in touch with different ministries in both Finland and Vietnam, as well as international financial institutes and stakeholders in the export sector. This makes Pietro Karjalainen an obvious choice for companies and entrepreneurs’ intent on doing business in South East Asian countries.

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