Prasanna Perera

Prasanna PereraConsultant

About Prasana

Prasanna Perera was the Chief Executive Officer, Sri Lanka Telecom (Services) Limited.

Mr. Prasanna Perera  is a member of Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM), Higher National Diploma in Business Management (NIBM), Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK) and has a Master of Business Management from University of Lincoln, UK.

Prior to moving to Sri Lanka Telecom (Services) Limited, he served in several senior managerial positions at the Metropolitan Group, EDS Lanka and Lanka Communication Services. During his career spanning 28 years, Mr. Prasanna worked in the ICT industry with his exposure ranging from software development to communication companies and also serving as Visiting Lecturer in marketing and management of some institutions.

Under the leadership of Mr. Prasanna Perera, Sri Lanka Telecom (Services) Limited was transformed into a competitive organization in the field of ICT and won many local and international prestigious awards from world recognized ICT Brands, in the year 2014.

Together these guys and a lady form a team with long-term expertise and wide-ranging knowledge as well as agile solution capability. They are hands-on and same time innovative. And what’s essential for us – each of them has a big heart.

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