Vietnam, the new manufacturing hub

During 4 months, FinnSEA supported in Vietnam an international engineering company in contract negotiations and also provided onsite quality control on a daily basis. Processes where we supposed the company were:

Scope Of Work

1.Contract negotiation

2.Contract signature

3.Manufacturer  training

4.Quality control during all phases: of production

I.Material procurement


III.Jigs designing

IV.Parts manufacturing

V.Pre-assembly test





By outsourcing your production to new country or partner, unforeseen issues can happen. We ensure your project is completed on time and put your interests in first place. We assisted the client in this project by tackling following issues:

1.We ensure the quotation is inclusive of all expenses (manufacturing, painting, packing, shipping…) and that there is no hidden charges.

2.Some materials might not be available in Vietnam or the manufacturer is working with only limited suppliers and propose to change original materials by the one available from his suppliers. We make sure are requested materials are available or not.

3.We tackle down administrative issues, it can be bank guarantees or certification challenges for example. By focusing on your core business, you save time and money.

4.Paint supplier problems, sometimes requested manufacturers does not have presence in Vietnam, we work out to find what are the one that fits client needs. Language barrier can bring confusion, we speak same language as you and same as the supplier.

5.If the supplier is expected to provide hardware (bolts, nuts, washers…) or other parts we ensure that quality is respected. In this case Rubber was a challenge and we found out a proper quality for the project.

6.Packing must be done carefully, by continuous inspection, we ensured that all parts arrived to client erection site without any damage on painted surface.

7.Drawings had errors, FinnSEA worked closely with the supplier and the client to correct them.

Facts About The Project

  • 85 tons of metal
  • 14 containers (40 feet HC)
  • 312 parts and 6,000+ nuts, bolts, washers…
  • Project completion time: 99 days
  • Material used: 5mm metal sheet
  • All sharp edges rounded
  • All holes chamfered
  • Fixing parts hot dip galvanized
  • Surface treatments:
  • Pre-treatment: Sa 2 ½
  • Primer EP Zn(R) 60 μm
  • Intermediate EP 80 μm
  • Top coat EP 60 μm

Together these guys and a lady form a team with long-term expertise and wide-ranging knowledge as well as agile solution capability. They are hands-on and same time innovative. And what’s essential for us – each of them has a big heart.

A picture of Valuehamerers team
Tanja Harjuniemi and Markku Nummela
Co-founders , Valuehammerers Ltd

Looking to outsource your production in Vietnam?

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