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    We Deliver Sales Solutions in Vietnam

    Our Vietnamese business experience helps you quickly build your sales channel in Vietnam and with minimum costs. Whether your products need a distributor network or a local salesperson, we have the solution for you.

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    Sales Channel Development for SMEs and large companies

    Our services are customized and available for SMEs & large Enterprises. We understand the needs and resources of the customer and adapt our solutions to those.


    Some customers want to have their feet in the ground, and our outsourced sales solutions can be the perfect solution before investing in your own sales office. Some products are typically sold through a distribution channel, and we are experts in finding and auditing you the right distributor(s).


    Whatever your sales channel, deep market research will help you select the right market entry strategy and avoid a trial-and-error approach, saving you time and money.


    Years of experience in Vietnam

    FinnSEA has been helping Western companies and organizations succeed in the Vietnamese market since 2009.

    We are here to help you understand the local market, regulations, and business culture and adapt your activities to local demand.

    Multinational consultant team

    We’re a team of multi-lingual professionals who are dedicated to helping you succeed.

    We provide the local knowledge you need to succeed in Vietnam, plus the insight required to work with local companies.

    We work with global customers

    We work with businesses worldwide to help them discover new opportunities in Vietnam.

    We make it our mission to find solutions for your unique needs. Our team is ready to help you succeed in selling your products in Vietnam or diversifying your supply chains by outsourcing locally.

    Multi industry expertise

    Our team has experience business development and manufacturing experience with a large range of b2b and b2c industries.

    You can benefit from our expertise with day-to-day operations like sales channel management or production activities.

    Companies looking to sell in Vietnam have two primary paths, depending on their products or services.

    The two paths either use

    • a sales channel with a distributor(s) or commission-based agent
    • have your presence in Vietnam.


    Typically, a product-based offering can be sold through a local distributor or agent without extensive technical support. Services or investment solutions require local presence and significant relations-based sales effort.

    Developing your sales channel needs a local presence and a good understanding of the market conditions.

    Developing your sales channel needs a local presence and a good understanding of the market conditions. It cannot be done from a distance or a short visit to Vietnam. It also requires a good knowledge of the local conditions and the ability to mirror your way of doing business to the local way.

    The business environment in Vietnam is not at the same maturity level as in western countries or China. Personal relations play a significant role, and business is often done in so-called “trusted circles.”


    Vietnamese people want to buy from Vietnamese, and foreigners have difficulties closing deals due to language and cultural barriers.

    Vietnamese people want to buy from Vietnamese, and foreigners have difficulties closing deals due to language and cultural barriers.

    There is no general rule to tell if you should work through a local distributor or have your salesforce in the market.


    Each case is individual and must be studied. But common for all is that you need to prepare your market entry first with the following services:

    Market Demand

    Does anybody want your products?

    Competition Analysis

    Are your main competitors already here? How strong are they? How do they sell here?

    Value proposal for CLIENT

    Why should the local customer buy your product?

    Value Proposal for PARTNER

    Why should your distributor represent you?

    Sales channel selection needs the information gathered in previous steps. Failure to do the homework can result in prolonged sales development or total failure.

    Do not make the mistake of engaging with the first company you have been proposed by network or friends; that seldom leads to any success because

    Nothing is easier than finding a company that would like to be your partner.

    Nothing is more complicated than to get the deals through the partner

    Contact us for more information and a free consulting session. Your future success lies in your next steps after reading this.


    We have been here since 2009, building and developing our customer’s sales channels for continuous and profitable activity as business consultants.

    While we understand technologies, you know your products; we know the market and how you should sell them.

    As a multinational company, we can understand both the western and local business culture and help you overcome the differences and difficulties in business practice and behavior.

    Our staff is a mix of foreigners and local people. Remember that the approach you use successfully in developed markets is seldom successful in less developed markets.

    We work for you, not for your partner.

    Our role is to ensure the relationship with your partner is based on a win-win approach, and both sides are motivated to bring growth. We can read your partner’s needs and worries, communicating them back to you.


    Do you work with a success fee?

    No, we are not in the trading business but provide business development services. Our services are provided with an assignment-based fixed fee or monthly retainer.

    Do you sell our products?

    No, we are not importers or distributors.

    Do you have sales solutions available?

    Yes, we provide outsourced sales activities where you hire your salesperson, and we provide you with all the HR-related services you need.

    Can you send us a list of distributors and contacts to contact them directly?

    We could, but it would not benefit you. 99% of companies do not answer your phone calls or emails without being here and speaking Vietnamese.

    I have sent a Vietnamese company an email, why they don't answer me?

    Vietnamese companies do not care about random contacts. You need to be presented to them by a trusted partner. Business is done in trusted circles.