The Finnsea Expertise

Local market knowledge

10 + years presence in Vietnam combined with the use of highly qualified local consultants ensure you get the best available local market knowledge for your project! We know how to combine western business culture and local practices.


Our large network of key people in companies, government offices and local experts is the guarantee of your success. We can assist you not only in Vietnam but also in whole Asia thanks to our partner consultants! Did you know that 92% of our assignments are multicounty?

Multi industry expertise

We are not industry focused consultants… so how do we do it? Well, it’s not rocket science, we only work with reputable and hand-picked industry experts, consultants and analysts to offer you the most accurate and up to date information about the market.

Turnkey solutions

We adapt our offering to your needs, as a boutique consulting firm we offer you the possibility to pick only the services you need. We listen to your problem and expectations and come to you with our best solution to ensure your firm a successful market entry!

Finnsea Group In Vietnam

Whether your project’s objective is to open the doors of the Vietnamese B2B/B2C market or to find a reliable manufacturing partner. Finnsea will assist you by conducting thorough market analysis, create a sustainable strategy and look for the right partners.

Nordesk is Finnsea group’s innovative sales force outsourcing unit. Nordesk will run your sales operations in Vietnam.
Nordesk recruits, trains and manages your sales team in Vietnam. Find out more at

With our subsidiary Brand Ninja, ran by Robert Karjalainen, we you with all needed digital marketing services to grow your business in Vietnam. Visit Brand Ninja’s website for more information

Our Experience In Vietnam

80+ Assignments
More than 60
customers handled
34 Partners found
10 Years experience

Vietnam Case Studies

Over the years, Finnsea has successfully implemented numerous assignments for various Finnish and European companies in Vietnam, find all our case studies by clicking here.

What our customers are saying

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