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12 years presence in Vietnam. We understand the local business culture.

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Market Entry

We are specialized in developing jointly with you the ríght steps to successfully select and enter the Vietnamese market on a steady and growing path.


We offer you all the expertise needed, from understanding the local market and business culture to training and coaching your sales personnel.


Contact Pietro to discuss your interest and get first-hand information about the market situation.

Outsourcing and Manufacturing

Are you looking for a quality and cost-effective China+1 manufacturing solution? Vietnam is a perfect choice.

As the China+1 manufacturing destination of the future, Vietnam offers a skilled and abundant workforce in a politically stable environment.

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Local Staffing

Running your operation requires substantial resources and investments.


Our business development and hosting solutions free you to focus on what matters most – growing your business.


With our local hosting and business development services, your staff is working for you only.


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Delegations and Seminars

Business delegations and seminars are common for businesses to understand the local economic environment, identify prospects, and develop Vietnamese government and private sector networks.


Through our experience, we have arranged successful delegations for our clients, consisting of different levels of seniority in their organizations and having varying interests in Vietnam.


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Benefit from our expertise of the Vietnamese market.

Vietnam Business Development Services

Are you looking for a a flexible, fast and affordable solution to develop your business in Vietnam? Find out about our sales solutions.

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We help our customers to unlock their business potential in Vietnam and reach their local goals.

Electri Cord Manufacturing is a leading cable&harness manufacturer in the USA. To support our Asian customers, we used FinnSEA’s Supplier Search services to find new manufacturing partners in Vietnam. After a comprehensive Supplier Search and factory audits, we have now started producing in Vietnam. Our cooperation has extended to additional QC services and enlarging the manufacturing to other products. We are delighted with the professional support we have received from FinnSEA and will continue to use their services in the future.

Jason SamuelsElectri Cord

Nordiclights had been doing business in Vietnam for about 10 years through a network of distributors without expected results. Around 3 years ago, FinnSEA approached us with a new approach for our sales activities in Vietnam, we started by conducting an analytical study of our distributors and the market. During this study, we found out that the industries in which we had highest chances to success were outside of our traditional targets. Having a better understanding of the market and a positive outlook for our potential, we decided to try their outsourced sales solution. One year turned to two and then to three, we were able to cover our initial investments within first 2 years and since then we have strongly grown our market position there and are profitable. For anyone willing to enter Vietnamese market, I can highly recommend FinnSEA services.

Antti TurjaNordic Lights

Until 2017, at Domino Workwear, we have been sourcing our garments in Europe due to limited human resources… Thanks to FinnSEA-Nordesk turnkey solutions, we have been able to find new trustable partners through their partner search offering and were able to quickly place first orders with total peace of mind as they also offer professional Quality Control services! We would have never done it without FinnSEA-Nordesk!

Pekka RajalaDomino Workwear Oy

Our Case Studies

Over the years we have worked on hundreds of assignments in Vietnam for global customers.

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