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Sourcing And Outsourcing Services In Vietnam

Vietnam is a great opportunity for low cost manufacturing and sourcing. While East China has slowly lost it competitiveness due increasing labour cost and has become more and more high volume, low mix manufacturing country, Vietnam still offer the flexibility of low volume, high mix production and competitive overall cost level.


If you need to find good sourcing, subcontracting suppliers, independently of your industry, the fastest way is to contact FinnSEA and based on your needs, we will activate our network, do the footwork, interview the Partner candidates, benchmark the best ones and report.


Finally, we will arrange your meeting schedule and our local consultant will support you during the meetings, this guarantees that you will spend your visit time efficiently with qualified contacts.




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Our Desk study is the entry level pack of consulting services, The approach is same that in Matchmaking but we contact the companies on your behalf, introduce you and your products, we check the company’s status and information and most importantly: are they ready to support you or not. All this reported in written form for you to send first quote requests.


Our Partner Search pack is for serious players who do not have the capacity to do the work themself. Here we assign you a Consultant to find the best Partners, visit and audit them on their commercial and technical details, analyzing their production capacity and premises during visits and also giving a look on what they have been producing before and now. Pictures of premises are taken for the final audit report. Together with our logistics partners your Consultant will also analyze local logistics and estimated time and costs for shipping. The results will be presented in a workshop telco and written, detailed report supplied to you.


Our Partner Ship pack is the ultimate service we provide for You. It is all the services from Partner Search but added with joint supplier visits where we act as your local support, seeking commercial proposals on from those you selected. Our actual customers often request for additional services like production kick-off and control, both commercially as well by our QA/QC teams. Most of the time we take care of the logistics with the help of our network partners providing a smooth local operation with minimum investment for the customer. On long term production, we can also source local materials to substitute imported materials


  • Save time and effort, let us to support you to find the best solution. We are the Vietnam expert and You know your business. Together we make a winning Team.
  • We act on your behalf and making sure that all goes as planned from the beginning up to the shipment.
  • As a third-party consultant, we do not have family or relative’s ties, nor other commercial interests which would lead us to biased information and not selecting the best choice for You.
  • Don’t lose your time searching through numerous incomplete websites and traders, through our network and previous expert, we quickly find you the best candidates.

Why is Vietnam the ideal manufacturing base for your product?

A hub for Asian manufacturing

Within ASEAN, Vietnam is the top-placed manufacturing hub. The country has a free trade agreement with the EU and are part of the China+1 strategy, making it a perfect place to locate your Asian base.


Competitive price environment

Workers are skilled and competent, yet salaries throughout the supply chain are low when compared across the region.


Fast growing service industry

The electronics sector is booming with high volumes of mobile manufacturing, mirroring the rapid growth in the general manufacturing sector over recent decades.


Strong investment in machinery and automation

Suppliers demand quality production, done efficiently. Manufacturers are listening; investing in reliable machines and well-engineered automation.


Low Volume, High Mix

Suppliers can fulfil orders of all sizes and are ready to meet your needs.

Your Vietnam manufacturing experts - More than 15 years of experience in Vietnam

What you need to successfully outsource to Vietnam

A presence in the field is vital

Having a representative on the ground is the most effective way to build relationships with suppliers. A positive human connection is a stronger base for your supplier relationship than your price point. FinnSEA will be your connection, ensuring personal relationships at the right price.

Building local networks is essential

In Vietnam, you need a real network. Emails are unlikely to get answered, switchboard operators won’t speak English, company websites are rare. Working with FinnSEA gives you someone on the ground who can attend meetings and drive results, sourcing the best suppliers across their vast network.

Breaking down linguistic and cultural barriers

Trustworthiness and reputation are the key consideration when Vietnamese companies agree a partnership; commercial considerations come second. Initial contact is all about sizing up the potential to do business, next comes the actual deal. FinnSEA knows how to handle personal connections in Vietnam, and will help you navigate through the developing language skills of your suppliers. The result: a partnership built on trust and confidence.

Quality from the start

Controlling your product from the first manufacturing phase through to the completed product ensures you’re fully satisfied with the results. FinnSEA will be there at every stage of the process to check everything adheres to your needs and comes out faultless.

Our streamlined partner search and production ramp-up process will get your business moving fast, and with the right suppliers to match your production needs in Vietnam

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Explore contacts

We harness our networks to find companies that provide what you need. The quality, capacity, and competence will be assessed and benchmarked, presenting you with the most suitable potential partners.

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Supplier pre-selection and screening

Commercial discussions begin with five to ten known suppliers, ascertaining which ones are best to introduce you to. Regular communication about your requirements and our progress is guaranteed.

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Joint visits

Join us to meet with the suppliers we’ve sourced for your business. With our help, you can audit each candidate, analyze the details of the potential partnership, and drill down the final price and capacity.

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Place an order with your chosen supplier

Choose your supplier and place your initial order using our team to support you. Details will be refined; the what, how, and when of the production order will be well-communicated through our Vietnamese colleagues.

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Get going

Production cycles will be planned, timing and coordination of raw material supply and end-product delivery will be finalized, all to ensure the ramp-up of manufacturing is faultless.

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Ramp up

As the production line rolls, we will be with you to watch a smooth launch begin. We will get to grips with your products, standards, and expectations and make sure they are met, every time.

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Leave your QC in our hands once your return back to headquarters. We will be at the factory weekly, even daily, to monitor production and to be present as the process moves though the planned phases.

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Final inspection

Production finished; we will head back to the manufacturing base for final QC. All products can be inspected, or we can take a sample for checking – we follow your instructions.

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Pack and send

Your product is ready to be delivered, and we’re on hand to ensure everything leaves the manufacturer safe, secure, and on time. We supervise the appropriate packaging before handing your shipment over to the logistics provider.

Why we are a good choice
for your outsourcing operations in Vietnam?

We’ve worked across different industries in Vietnam for more than a decade; we know how business works and who to work with.

Once launched, we will take care of your production. Leave the day-to-day running in our hands – we’ll call if there’s a decision to be taken.

Technicalities of production aren’t an issue; you can be assured we know how to get your product made, once you’ve been for a site visit and meetings.

Your QC will be managed by us so you can avoid travel costs for your in-house QC team. We will ensure you get quality at the right price.

Our team is on hand to deal with emergencies, attending factories and taking meetings within hours of a call to keep your product secure and delivery schedule on track.

As a third-party contractor, we are your honest broker. Our management team and company ethos are Western; we know how you want to do business. The contract is between FinnSEA and you, we look after your best interests.

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