Sourcing And Outsourcing Services In Vietnam

Vietnam is a great opportunity for low cost manufacturing and sourcing. While East China has slowly lost it competitiveness due increasing labour cost and has become more and more high volume, low mix manufacturing country, Vietnam still offer the flexibility of low volume, high mix production and competitive overall cost level.

If you need to find good sourcing, subcontracting suppliers, independently of your industry, the fastest way is to contact FinnSEA and based on your needs, we will activate our network, do the footwork, interview the Partner candidates, benchmark the best ones and report.

Finally, we will arrange your meeting schedule and our local consultant will support you during the meetings, this guarantees that you will spend your visit time efficiently with qualified contacts.

For Which Industries?


Textile And Garment

Vietnam is one of the most important textile and garment manufacturing countries.
With it’s 6,000+ factories, low salarial costs and over 2.5 million peoples workforce the industry serves all type of customers wether it is knitted or woven products.

The country also have a strong experience on manufacturing shoes, accessories and leather products.

Thanks to it’s diverisifed type and size of factories, the industry is able to serve high volume and also middle /low volume clients.

The upcoming EU-Vietnam FTA and recently signed CPTPP agreements will enhance the atractiviness of Vietnam manufacturing which is becoming the manufacturing HUB of South East Asia.

Vietnam also has also several bilateral commercial agreements to ease the business.Let us to lead you to your first outsourcing experience in Vietnam


Furniture & Handicraft

Vietnam is well known about its furniture and handicraft industries.
Most of the major retail chains are sourcing in Vietnam, likewise midsize SME’s proposing kitchen and indoor cabinetry for consumers and professional use and outdoor and indoor furniture.

Handicraft sector includes both wooden and textile products for home decoration.

Vietnam has  3,000+ wood processing companies, of which 95% are privately owned. Around 30% of them export their products to western markets.

70% of companies are under 200 employees.

This means that you can source/produce also medium size volumes in Vietnam but there is no general rule for this.

To find more, use the below form to contact us. Describe as well as you can your needs, we will get back soonest to you!

Steel Structure

Mechanical Engineering

With increasing production costs in China, firms have been looking to new outsourcing and production countries.

The average factory worker in China earns $27.50 per day, compared with $8.60 in Indonesia and $6.70 in Vietnam.

Vietnam’s greatest asset, however, is its large pool of skilled workers, whose productivity in well-managed firms is comparable with the levels observed in China.

In average, steel structures and other products manufacturing costs in Vietnam are 25-50% lower than in China. Serving customers ranging from precision parts to heavy metal structure, the industry is well knows for its quality products that are exported in every corner of the globe.

Our experienced team members can discuss more on the subject with you. Easiest way to contact is to use the form below, we will get back to you soonest!

How Can We Help You?

Desk Study

Our Desk study is the entry level pack of consulting services, The approach is same that in Matchmaking but we contact the companies on your behalf, introduce you and your products, we check the company’s status and information and most importantly: are they ready to support you or not.

All this reported in written form for you to send first quote requests.

Partner Search

Our Partner Search pack is for serious players who do not have the capacity to do the work themself.

Here we assign you a Consultant to find the best Partners, visit and audit them on their commercial and technical details, analyzing their production capacity and premises during visits and also giving a look on what they have been producing before and now.

Pictures of premises are taken for the final audit report.

Together with our logistics partners your Consultant will also analyze local logistics and estimated time and costs for shipping. The results will be presented in a workshop telco and written, detailed report supplied to you.


Our Partner Ship pack is the ultimate service we provide for You.

It is all the services from Partner Search but added with joint supplier visits where we act as your local support, seeking commercial proposals on from those you selected.

Our actual customers often request for additional services like production kick-off and control, both commercially as well by our QA/QC teams.

Most of the time we take care of the logistics with the help of our network partners providing a smooth local operation with minimum investment for the customer.

On long term production, we can also source local materials to substitute imported materials.

4 Reasons to Choose Finnsea

  • Save time and effort, let us to support you to find the best solution. We are the Vietnam expert and You know your business. Together we make a winning Team.
  • We act on your behalf and making sure that all goes as planned from the beginning up to the shipment.
  • As a third-party consultant, we do not have family or relative’s ties, nor other commercial interests which would lead us to biased information and not selecting the best choice for You.
  • Don’t lose your time searching through numerous incomplete websites and traders, through our network and previous expert, we quickly find you the best candidates.

Our Service Packages

Desk Study
Plan 1

Plan 1 +

  • Contacting with your presentation
  • Basic company commercial data
  • Export references
  • Readiness to do business with customer
  • Short report
  • Countrywide study

Partner Search
Plan 2

Plan 2 +

  • Factory visits by our consultants
  • Commercial audit
  • Technical audit (ie. machinery)
  • Products range audit (ad hoc + showroom) 
  • Reporting
    • Data, pictures
    • Logistics overview
  • Regional or countrywide study

Best Seller
Plan 3

Plan 3 +

  • Commercial quotes
  • Benchmarking of suppliers
  • Joint supplier visits
  • Selection workshop
  • Regional or countrywide study

Optional Services

  • Production ramp-up
  • QA/QC services
  • Logistics optimization
  • Local materials sourcing
  • Regional or countrywide study

Your Team in Vietnam

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